Testimonials and Friends

Hear what our clients have to say about TLC Pet Pals - Buffalo Groove

I am frequently in and out of town due to business and it has been hard finding a reliable person to watch over my dog and feed him while I am out of town. Wrenda with TLC Pet Pals - Buffalo Groove has been a wonderful help making last minute appointments for me when things come up. I have my neighbors check in every now and then and like clock work at the times I assigned TLC was there for me. Great service and friendly smiles highly recommended!

 Wow! We were so surprised at how reliable TLC Pet Pals - Buffalo Groove is.  My husband and I both work during the week and Herra needs to be walked while we are not home since there is no backyard for her.  TLC is very professional and even left us notes regarding their visits with Herra.
-Merry Chatzis
 I love the patience and care shown by Wrenda and her assistants. They took their time and really connected with my dog, Bella. Our family is at peace again. Thanks!
-Anna Mulé
Snow Ball
 I am amazed at the range of knowledge that TLC Pet Pals - Buffalo Groove possesses. I never thought they could help me with our dog, Snowball. I thought that they were just dog and cat walkers. But their approach is far reaching and Snowball is less stubborn and seems happier than ever before!