Pet Sitting Services

Thank you for your interest in TLC Pet Pals - Buffalo Groove.  Below we have provided a list of the services we offer!

Dog Walking

    We will visit your loved canine for a walk to get them out of the house and in the surrounding neighborhood to allow them to explore the world around them.

Play Time

    It is crucial to your animal's health to stay active and fit.  Along with walking, we at TLC Pet Pals - Buffalo Groove also play around with animals because they need interaction with other living animals and human interaction is the best kind for them.

Home Services

    Along with our basic pet sitting service in Buffalo Groove at no additional cost we will gladly bring the mail into your house and let our presense be known that even though you are not at your house, it is still being watched by people for safety and security.


    Your animal will also be fed and given water to ensure that they have the proper energy for playtime and for your welcoming when you arrive home.

Pet Taxi

    You might have an appointment for a vet or grooming that your animal needs to make but you do not have enough time to take them there.  We offer a pet taxi service to safely  pick up and drop off your animal for whatever appointments they need to make.

Vet and Grooming

    For an additional fee along with everything else listed we also offer a vet and grooming service.  At no hassle to you we can pickup your animal and take it to appointments we will set up for dog grooming or for a vet visit.

Cage less Boarding

    If you are leaving on vacation or will not be home for an extended period of time, we will gladly board your dog for whatever length of time it will need to be boarded in a friendly environment where it will receive attention all day and night.

NOTE: Dog walking, Play time, Home Services, and Feeding are all included in the daily dog walking special.  All other services are available upon request.

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